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To Be Released February 2015
Rescue Your Dog from Fear
Tried-and-true techniques to help your dog feel secure

Although in its essence, fear is a healthy reaction to the threat of a danger, some people are having issues because the dog is reacting to a non-threatening situation or the dog is over-reacting. If your dog is too often or too intensely afraid of too many things, you have a problem that needs fixed.

Coming in December 2014 - The Detailed Stories from the book of Dogs Rescued from Fear

  • Otis
  • Albert
  • Emma
  • Jewel
  • Shiloh
  • Shay
  • Click here for several YouTube videos Peggy has on topics including:

  • Dog training
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dog aggression
  • Clingy dogs
  • Dog exercise-training
  • ...

  • Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? Common issues seen include:

  • The dog chews things up when you are gone.
  • The dog may eliminate in the house when you are gone.
  • The dog may damage areas in the house or hurt himself.
  • Show excessive excitement from your departure or arrival home.
  • May escape an outside pen when left alone.
  • This DVD goes beyond other techniques and offers two completely unique ways to solve your separation anxiety. In addition to educating owners to habits that can trigger or perpetuate separation anxiety, the DVD contains the “I’ll be Back” technique. This technique has a proven tract record with owners who have used it and solved their problem. Included is a section for dogs who need extra help.

    Trailer for Separation Anxiety - A Weekend Technique

    Update YouTube Video on Jewel's Separation Anxiety

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    DWAA 2013 Nomination
    Separation Anxiety - A Weekend Technique
    DVD Video by Peggy O. Swager

    Now available with Video on Demand (VOD) for $25
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    Separation Anxiety Course
    Instructor Peggy O. Swager

    Now there is an accredited course on Separation Anxiety given by Peggy Swager offered at

    What you can expect to learn from this Course:

  • How to more accurately identify separation anxiety as opposed to other behaviors which display similar issues.
  • How to identify the level of separation anxiety a dog is suffering.
  • Several techniques for dealing with separation anxiety in a dog.
  • How to choose which technique to use when working to resolve separation anxiety.
  • How to modify techniques to insure success.
  • A new technique for solving severe separation anxiety.

  • CEU Status:
    CCPDT – 9 CEUs
    IAABC –9 CEUs
    NADOI –9 CEUs

    The author had two goals with this book.

  • Goal One To create a reference for people going into, or working to manage their business. Common questions fielded by this book: Insurance questions-includes an interview by an expert Cash flow, business plans, and handling customer Banking and financing-includes an interview by an expert The must have training to succeed-dog organizations to help Marketing, public relations, and growing your business.

  • Goal Two To share a collection of other people’s experiences. You will find several interviews from successful dog trainers. In the Appendix three people give their experiences in developing their business and how they made their business decisions
  • Summary | Table of Contents | Purchase | Reviews


    DWAA 2013 Nomination
    How to start a home-based Dog Training Business
    by Peggy O. Swager, published by Globe Pequot

    Training the Hard to Train Dog
    by Peggy O. Swager, published by TFH

    Key topics addressed in this book:

  • Major housetraining issues from submissive peeing to messing in crates
  • Gaining compliance in a resistant dog
  • Techniques for dealing with stubborn dogs
  • Desensitizing nervous nellies
  • Help for barking, biting, and aggression issues
  • The case study in the book takes you step-by-step to show you how a dog learned not to attack other dogs in the household

    Unique Content | Table of Contents | Author Biography | Summary | Purchase | Reviews

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